this blog is designed as a space to showcase my work exploring history, I hope to create a dialogue that explains history in a new light, or at least helps me understand it on a deeper level

A Small Step for Man, A Giant Leap for My Research

Articles “The Longest Walk: Activism and Legislation in Indian Country.” NMAI. The National Museum of the American Indian, July 1, 2016. This article follows the Native American Activism through the context of The Longest Walk, it highlights some of the key moments from TLW in 1978, and how that march impacted the Native American […]

Starting From the Bottom

American Indian Movement Interpretive Center Logo. At the beginning of this semester, I knew I was interested in doing my research project on Native American history. I originally looked into mapping the changing Native Reservation demographics (i.e., change in the population, geographical changes, changes in education and health care) but on further discussion, I […]