Looking Ahead

This semester is going to be a busy one. 19 credits worth of classes will be a challenge for me, but worth it in the long run. I have always enjoyed learning about history, whether that be through reading, museums, or experiencing history in the places where it happened. Because of this, I am excited to learn yet another way to engage with history on a deeper level digitally.

Throughout this semester, and working towards my final project, I hope to explore the changing landscapes of Native Peoples’ land in North America over the past couple of decades. Native history has always been a very interesting topic of study to me. One of my neighbors back home, who was a Lakota Sioux, regularly told me stories; stories about his childhood on the reservation, about the history of his people, and about the significance of the produce that he grew in his garden every year.

As of the one week that I am into this semester, my idea for the final project would be to create an interactive map of the changes in Native land. As this is just my first idea for my final project I am unsure if I will continue with this idea, but as I am interested in it now I think it would be a good topic to explore further.

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  • Fascinating! I look forward to hearing more about your ideas and we can chat about strategies to represent historical changes.

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